Minor skin blemish removal

Another favourite treatment for me which I have enjoyed offering to clients for over 30 years! This non-invasive treatment uses an advanced electrolysis technique and/or cryopen to easily remove minor skin blemishes sometimes with just one treatment!

Treatable blemishes include:

Facial red veins

Red veins on the body (not including legs, the veins here are too big)
Milia or whiteheads
Skin tags
Red naevi/spots
Spider naevi
Seborrheic keratoses/warts
Other minor lesions/bumps

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Bodylines offers both intimate and non-intimate waxing treatments in a quiet, discrete setting in Sevenoaks. All genders are welcome.

There is a strict “no double dipping”policy at Bodylines which means each wax spatula is used for only one dip into the wax pot, eradicating any risk of cross-contamination between clients.

For your comfort, cooling aftercare products are applied to the waxed areas and aftercare advice given.

There are two main types of wax used at Bodylines: strip/warm wax and non-strip/hot wax. Both of these waxes are in fact warm! The difference is that the thinner, more liquid wax is generally used for the leg area and is removed with a paper or muslin strip and the thicker wax is used for more sensitive areas such as bikini, underarms, face and brows. It moulds better to the curves of these areas thanks to modern ingredients, and is removed without the need for a strip.

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Male Intimate Waxing FAQs

Who has intimate waxing?

There is no ‘type’ of person who has it, it is popular with many different sorts of people!

Do I need to shave before my appointment?

No, the hair needs to be at least 5mm long to wax. You can trim it if the hair is very long, though it is better to have a lot of growth than not enough, so if you are unsure just leave it untrimmed.

Why have an intimate wax?

Because it feels good, it’s hygienic, for sports fanatics, it reduces sweating and chafing, it looks neater, it can make the penis seem longer, it can increase sensation during sex, there is no stubble or irritation as you get with using creams or shaving, it’s fun!

What is a Brazilian?

Removal of hair from the penis, scrotum, some of the pubic triangle and crack.

What is a Hollywood?

Removal of hair from the above plus all from the pubic triangle.

What is a BSC?

Back, sac and crack, removal of hair from the shoulders, back, and a Brazilian or Hollywood. I price these treatments separately as a back wax and brazilian/hollywood.

Do I need to take off my clothes?

Yes, though you can leave your T-shirt on if you are just having an intimate wax.

Does it hurt?

Waxing feels temporarily uncomfortable, and you will be more sensitive if it is your first wax. However, the more regularly you wax, the less it hurts!

What if I get aroused?

This does sometimes happen and it will often disappear after the waxing commences. However, an unintentional erection is one thing, but please note, this is a professional non-sexual service, and inappropriate language and/or behaviour will not be tolerated!


“Best waxing therapist I have ever had. Excellent attention to detail, takes her time, no rush and amazing before and after care. Highly recommend it.”



I have never been content to offer ‘just’ a Pedicure at Bodylines. Feet are so neglected, and I have always strived to deliver the most thorough yet relaxing luxury pedicure you could wish for, with high quality products at the forefront.

There are two treatments available, one with nail polish and one without, depending on what you need. In essence this is 45-60 minutes’ relaxation and foot care on a comfortable couch with soft music to enhance the experience!

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“Feet feel wonderful, polished nails look lovely, and now looking forward to my next pedicure appointment!”


The use of pigment to tattoo the skin is a treatment many thousands of years’ old, but modern microblading has been popular in places such as Singapore and Korea for the last 20 years.

It is, in effect, a form of semi-permanent makeup for the brows, but differs from brow tattooing in that it uses a hand-held tool with needle-like blades to implant pigment into the skin to look like individual brow hairs, rather than a solid line of colour. The result is much more natural for this reason and should last for 18-24 months after an initial 6-week retouch.

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“I am very pleased with the result of my microblading.

I feel that Katy took into account my face shape and age which is very important for a natural look.

Thank you Katy.”


Brow shaping

This has been called “the 15 minute facelift” because it can make such a positive difference to the eye and face area! I will carefully assess your face shape, eye area, current brow shape and hair texture to create the best brows for you. I can also advise you if overplucking has been your “thing”! If you want to enhance your brows further, brow (and lash) tinting is available.

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